Born on 1/13/1949 Walter Walker Palmer II. is the oldest son of

Richard Gilder (Gilly) Palmer & Anne Spring Alsop Gilder


 Walter’s father, Gilder Palmer, was the oldest son of Walter Walker Palmer I. and Helena Francesca Gilder, the second youngest daughter of Richard Watson Gilder and Helena de kay Gilder, founders of Gramercy Park and the Historic Four Brooks Farm located in

Tyringham, Massachusetts.

 Walter Walker Palmer I. Was a prominent Harvard Physician and scientist, A relative of Chicago-American businessman Potter Palmer, husband of Bertha Palmer. The Palmers originated in Stonington Connecticut, their family are direct descendants of William Penn.

 Brother to Reese D. A. Gilder Palmer Walter W. Palmer II. Was a resident of Little-Four-Brooks in the mid-1980s. Part of the Historic Four Brooks Farm Property often for seasonal visits in the later years.

 After graduating high school in 1968, young Walter Palmer would then go on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts to study English & Education. While pursuing his education, Walter would then go on to form the Cobble Mountain Band in 1973 writing many of their songs. He later had an appearance on 60 Minutes with Dan Rather as part of his last appearance before transitioning to CBS nightly news.