Below you’ll find our standard “Terms & Conditions” Please note these terms are generic and each situation is assessed by the team assigned to it. If you are unsure or have a question about an existing Purchase/Donation please get in touch with Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc.
  1. Payees/ Donators Understand Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. is a;  Section 501(c)(3) Non-Profit
Organization meaning all Donations/Payments may qualify to be 100% Tax Deductible on one next/or future tax
filing, for further information on 501(c)(3) charitable donations please visit IRS.GOV/501c3.INFO or
consult with your accountant.


2. Being a Non-Profit Organization;
To ensure the security and that all funds strictly remain tax deductible for our patriots & contributors on their next tax filing, Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. Shall not & is not unless in extreme circumstances & approved by the
executive board, required to provide refunds, late payment credits, or other reversal/ corrections of funds


3. Payees/Donors shall Address & Write Payment to; “Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc.”
*Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. Proudly accepts; (almost) all Major Debit/Credit Cards, Paypal-certified
Charitable Payment Collections, Cash Or Checks written to “Gilder Palmer Sanctuary.”
**Please Address & Write All Checks To “The Gilder Palmer Sanctuary”;  PO Box. 38 S. Lee MA. 01260
 *** For Services Rendered, Failure to make adequate payment to; The Gilder Palmer Sanctuary after receiving
a work invoice may result in acquired interest fees, penalty fees, & and in extreme cases, additional property leans.
For more information & or help to make payments. Please visit www.FourBrooksFarm.Org or contact
Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. @ (352)-812-6350 or
E-Mail @ [email protected]


4. Services to be conducted by Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. may include but are not subject/limited to
the following: Sales of Art, Entertainment, Education, Live Events, Data, Trademark Information, or other
revenue generating activity.


5. Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. either has been granted or holds & possesses rights and access to all trademarked materials
found or displayed on the following sites & Locations;
“PO Box. 38 S. Lee MA. 01260, United States”
“1 George Cannon Rd Lee, MA 01238, United States”
Any unlicensed/ unauthorized use of the information, content, or data found on the sites may be subject
to prosecution.


6. Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. & its affiliates may deny or cancel services at will or following the
violation of these terms and conditions. In such event; any payment for the mentioned services owed by the
Payees/Donors shall be due and payable at the time their agreement Is terminated.


7. Gilder Palmer Sanctuary Inc. began conducting operations as of 03-30-2022.
*Please take note that the above terms are subjective to change at any time in the future per the
Organization discretion, & those mentioned above shall be governed by the Federal Laws of the United
States. All rights reserved;
Historical Society – All Rights Reserved.