Dimensions: Diam. 4 5/8 in. (11.7 cm)

Out of many, one.

A country, a people, a person, and a place as history unfolds. Both the president and the individual strive for liberty, progress, and pursuit. This coin gives us a great reminder to reflect on our communal and individual achievements both past and present.

This medallion is not just a work of art but a relevant and timely piece of history and tradition.

Created by Augustus Saint Gaudens astonishing use of, of course the newly formed gilded method. They brought the commemoration of a man and his country back to relevance.

Just one of many amazing and astonishing stories of these two men and countless others with the shared experience of Four Brooks Farm. Knowing their time and stories activities art and writings will no undoubtedly stir a sense of belonging understanding and knowledge of our world and what future greatness can be. 

This Medal is the epitome of celebrating the achievement and participation that we share in this existence. Never has been a better time to compare the turning of that’s he to this one as we can identify with many of the issues and struggles of education, expression and governance. Things St. Gauden and Gilder were so involved with.

The holder of this Medal has the opportunity to be a torch bearer of all that was and a reminder of who we are at our best as we enter this next epoch of time. One that would be an age of peace as Richard Gilder made great hopes for in his writings.

It is not known how many have survived the cracks of time but we do know not many have been brought to recent light. This is truly a collectors item of both history and biography.

Let this Medal and its story impress the  spirit of freedom, thought, action and ingenuity.